1 yr Analytics Tool - integrate your Google View ID

1 yr Analytics Tool - integrate your Google View ID

The analytics tool gives precise information, shared in a user-friendly and comprehensive way (see attachment).


The reports it generates include numbers for total views, time per session, number of unique IP addresses that access the tour, and a HeatMap which allows you to monitor customer preferences, providing a visual depiction of the areas clients spend the most time.


The analytics dashboard keeps track of the average time spent by each user on the page and helps you analyse the trends in user activity by providing details for specific dates and weeks. 


It also keeps records of the clicks on different sections of the website so that you know which areas grabbed user attention the most. The details of clicks are separated for each tag, menu, and title in the form of bar graphs so that it is easier to analyse the data at first glance. 


Another attractive feature offered by the platform is that it allows the streaming of your tour analytics to Google analytics, via your View ID.